We have an initial draft of the on-line version of the guide, which we present here for your comments:

The primary output of the Learning Design Grid will be a guide for practitioner-led design inquiry in TEL. This guide will be available simultaneously as a dynamic collection of interactive web-based resources and as a cohesive printable document. The guide will present the rationale and characterisation of this approach, its forms of knowledge generation and representation, and its practices and methodologies. It will include an annotated mapping of representations of design knowledge in TEL, such as design narratives, patterns and principles, scripts, scenarios, and sequences. It will offer a review of existing banks of design resources. Finally, it will introduce the practitioner to effective and accessible design practices and methodologies for collaborative reflection on the practice of learning design.
Through this guide, practitioners and researchers will be able to:
  • Acknowledge the value of the design approach to TEL research and practice.
  • Gain an understanding of the tools and practices of this approach, and engage in their use.
  • Connect with a community of like-minded researchers and practitioners, and participate in the social endeavour of creating a shared body of knowledge.
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