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New Resource: The Open University Learning Design Initiative

posted Nov 27, 2011, 5:45 PM by Yishay Mor

The OU Learning Design Initiative (OULDI) started with institutional strategic funding in 2007 and has been funded by JISC under the Curriculum Design programme since September 2008 . Our work is focused around several key questions:

* In what ways can the efficiency and effectiveness of time spent designing learning be improved?
* How can we capture and represent practice (and in particular innovative practice)?
* How can we provide ‘scaffolds’ or support for staff creating learning activities, which draw on good practice and make effective use of tools and pedagogies?
* What does a quality design process look like?

Our aim is to develop and implement a methodology for learning design composed of tools, practice and other innovation that both builds upon, and contributes to, existing academic and practioner research.