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PI project "Healthy Eating" activity

"Personal Inquiry (PI): Designing for Evidence-based Inquiry Learning across Formal and Informal Settings" was a three year project (2007-2010) led by the University of Nottingham and The Open University, UK. The project was funded by the ESRC and EPSRC UK research councils under their TLRP-TEL initiative. The aim of the project was to support children aged 11-14 in coming to understand themselves and their world through scripted personal inquiry learning.
The "Healthy Eating" activity was one of the scenarios examined by the project. In this activity, students conducted a guided inquiry into their eating habits, recording the food they aet and investigating its nutritional value.

This activity is documented in: 
Anastopoulou, S.; Sharples, M.; Ainsworth, S.; Crook, C.; O'Malley, C. & Wright, M. (2012), 'Creating Personal Meaning through Technology-Supported Science Inquiry Learning across Formal and Informal Settings', International Journal of Science Education 34 (2) , 251-273

A demo of the activity is available at: although this was developed based on the experiment, and is not the version the students actually used in the experiment.

The following pages use the Healthy Eating activity as a case study, examining it through the lens of various Learning Design tools and representations: