learn3 project
    Description: As technology advances, new possibilities emerge that can have a profound impact on the learning experience. This project organizes the spectrum of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) along three main lines:
    • Towards 3D Learning
    • Towards Learning 3.0
    • Towards 3rd  place Learning
    Project partners: GAST group (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) and GTI group (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

    Learning Design Focus: list LD tools, languages, methodologies relevant to the project

    Some of its main outcomes:
    - Organization of the AcrossSpaces workshop at EC-TEL 2011
    - Extending IMS QTI to advance Computer-Based Testing: QTIMaps and QuesTInSitu (BDigital 2011 Award finalist)
    - NFC technologies for supporting educational scenarios, including the "Discovering the campus!" experiment 1 and experiment 2 (ITWorldEdu 2011 Award)
    - Co-authoring and sharing learning design solutions: LdShake