learning designs

    Learning Designs - Products of the AUTC project on ICT-based learning designs 


    This web site has been designed for teachers and instructors in higher education to access a rich set of resources that support the development of flexibly delivered high quality learning experiences for students.
    The project was commissioned in 2000 by the AUTC to explore the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to facilitate flexible learning opportunities for students by identifying learning designs that have been demonstrated to contribute to high quality learning experiences and determining which learning designs may be redeveloped in a more generic form.

    Learning Design Focus

    his project focuses on learning designs implemented with the use of ICT and how flexible learning opportunities for students can be afforded through the use of such technologies. The composition of a learning design, particularly when ICT mediated, has been informed by the work of Oliver (1999) and Oliver and Herrington (2001). Thus, for the scope of this project, a learning design comprises three key elements: the content or resources learners interact with, the tasks or activities learners are required to perform, and the support mechanisms provided to assist learners to engage with the tasks and resources.

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    Sandra Wills, swills@uow.edu.au