The Open University Learning Design Initiative



    The OU Learning Design Initiative (OULDI) started with institutional strategic funding in 2007 and has been funded by JISC under the Curriculum Design programme since September 2008 . Our work is focused around several key questions:

    * In what ways can the efficiency and effectiveness of time spent designing learning be improved?
    * How can we capture and represent practice (and in particular innovative practice)?
    * How can we provide ‘scaffolds’ or support for staff creating learning activities, which draw on good practice and make effective use of tools and pedagogies?
    * What does a quality design process look like?

    Our aim is to develop and implement a methodology for learning design composed of tools, practice and other innovation that both builds upon, and contributes to, existing academic and practioner research.

    Learning Design Focus

    • CompendiumLD: a tool for creating and designing visual representations of a learning design
    • Cloudworks: a social networking site for sharing and discussing learning and teaching ideas and designs.
    • Course Map: a template for creaitng an ‘at a glance’ representation view of a course or module (in paper or Excel formats)
    • Pedagogical Features Card Sort : around 45 cards to help module teams decide on and describe their course (available online in Wallwisher or as standard printable cards)
    • Pedagogy Profiler : a tool for analysing the distribution of pedagogies used in a module (in paper and Excel formats)


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