Learning Design Visual Sequence

The Learning Design Visual Sequence (Agostinho, Harper, Oliver, Hedberg, & Wills, 2008) documents a learning design in a visual way by illustrating the chronology of tasks, resources and supports using symbols for each of the three learning design elements (squares/rectangles for tasks, triangles for resources and circles for supports). A time period for the learning design and intended learning outcomes are also included.


Additional resources

The LDVS is the core representation used by the University of Wollongong LDTool.

Here is a link to another project that has used the LDVS to document cases about teaching scientific inquiry skills:

Elliott, K., Boin, A., Irving, H., Johnson, E., & Galea, V. (2010). Teaching scientific inquiry skills: A handbook for bioscience educators in Australian universities. http://www.altc.edu.au/resource-teaching-scientific-inquiry-skills-melbourne-2010


Agostinho, S., Harper, B., Oliver, R., Hedberg, J., & Wills, S. (2008). A Visual Learning Design Representation to facilitate dissemination and reuse of innovative pedagogical strategies in University Teaching. In L. Botturi & T. Stubbs (Eds.), Handbook of Visual Languages for Instructional Design: Theories and Practices (pp. 380-393), Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference."

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