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LdShake: learning design solutions sharing and co-edition
  • Name of the "resource bank": LdShake, Learning Design Solutions SHAring and (K)co-edition 
  • Website:

Brief description: A web tool acting 1) as a repository of learning designs for closed communities of practitioners, 2) as a social network of practitioners and 3) as a co-authoring environment for learning design solutions of different nature, granularity and completeness.

Links to extended descriptions: Article at Computers & Education 2011, Contribution to the ASLD 2011 workshop.

Type of learning design resources: It depends on the LdShake instance, and therefore the requirements of different communities of practitioners. See the instances available at, where for example there is a dedicated instance for Problem-Based Learning designs. LdShake-multiple-editors integrates several editors, allowing diverse learning design formats such as (natural language) rich text designs, eXeLearning and WebCollage designs.

About: LdShake is being developed by the GTI group at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain.