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 CompendiumLD is a software tool for designing learning activities using a flexible visual interface. It is being developed as a tool to support lecturers, teachers and others involved in education to help them articulate their ideas and map out the design or learning sequence. Feedback from users suggests the process of visualising design makes their design ideas more explicit and highlights issues that they may not have noticed otherwise. It also provides a useful means of representing their designs so that they can be shared with others. CompendiumLD provides a set of icons to represent the components of learning activities; these icons may be dragged and dropped, then connected to form a map representing a learning activity. 

Links to extended descriptions:  Paper and video presentations from ASLD 2011.

AboutCompendiumLD is being developed as part of the Open University Learning Design initiative, and is currently funded by the Open University and JISC

Contact Andrew Brasher 

compendiumLD try-out at ASLD2011

CompendiumLD presentation at ASLD 2011