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Brief description:A Web 2.0 tool for the social sharing and co-editing of learning design solutions

LdShake is a Web tool that enables the co-edition and social network-oriented sharing of learning designs created using a general rich text editor. Use cases for LdShake include joint design and sharing of learning designs in projects or communities across institutions, co-design by teams of teachers in charge of teaching the same course with different groups of students or co-creation of designs that require the integration of knowledge and skills developed by students in previous subjects with different teachers. In this workshop paper, we propose that instead of extending the general editor provided by LdShake to enhance specific aspects of its performance support for learning design, it can adopt existing learning design authoring tools which support diverse pedagogical approaches, are compliant with different computational representations or exporting formats, are specific to particular subject matters, etc. On the other hand, these existing tools are usually dispersed in different websites or product providers, and do not typically offer co-edition and social network sharing features. In the frame of this problem statement this paper poses the interest of supporting co-edition and sharing using diverse existing learning design editors within the same platform. As a proof of concept functional implementation the paper presents an extension of LdShake as an integrative platform providing two additional existing tools (WebCollage and eXeLearning) which, as a result of its integration in LdShake, are visualized within the same contextual interface and adopt the co-edition and sharing features of LdShake. The integrated whole has been shown to different stakeholders so that they could point out their opinion about the interest of such an approach and the quality of the resulting integrated interface and features.

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Hernández-Leo, D.; Romeo, L.; Carralero, M.A.; Chacón, J.; Carrió, M.; Moreno, P.; Blat, J. LdShake: Learning design solutions sharing and co-edition, Computers & Education, 57(4), 2011, p. 2249-2260. 

-Hernández-Leo, D.; Carralero, M.A.; Chacón, J.; Pérez-Sanagustín, M.; Carrió, M.; Blat, J.; Sharing and co-editing learning design solutions. In: Proceedings of the European LAMS Conference. Oxford: 2010, p. 20-23. (abstract) (slides)

Hernández-Leo, D.; Abenia, P.; Moreno, P.; Chacón, J.; Blat., J. Let's shake on it: Presented at “The Art & Science of Learning Design Workshop, .LKL, London, 13-14 October 2011

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