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Map My Programme


Brief description:

The 'map my programme' tool employs a set of free google apps to graphically display all the hand-in dates for each course /unit/module and display, in real time, the types of assessment used across a programme and the effect of that assessment has on the learning journey of the students at any one point as well as the marking load for the academic. It can also be used to see if there is duplication of effort, or synergy bewteen courses. Core to this process are the dates when formative and summative assessments are set and subsequently submitted – students do not want to have a bunching of coursework and staff need to manage their workload! You can download guidance materials and request a trial at:
There is no charge for using this tool but you will need a google account.

Links to extended descriptions: 

  2. ALT-C Paper 2011. Kerrigan M.J.P., Headington, R. and Walker S. (2011) ‘Visualising the holistic assessment experience – The use of Google tools to support effective design’ 0214SP, ALT-C


University of Greenwich, Educational Development Unit


Mark Kerrigan-Holt, Simon Walker