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Pedagogical Pattern Collector

Pedagogical Pattern Collector (PPC) presentation at ASLD2011

The Pedagogical Patterns Collector
( is an online tool that has been developed as part of the LDSE project. It provides (1) a 'Browser', for exploring a set of pedagogical patterns (lesson designs/learning designs) in their generic form, and also interpreted for 3 different discipline topics; (2) a 'Designer', for either creating or adapting a pedagogical pattern, which then analyses the overall nature of the learning experience you have created.

Links to extended descriptions: (any link that provides extended descriptions, such as links to EduTech wiki, to papers, to project sites, etc.)

We would be delighted to hear from you if you are interested in hearing about the ongoing work related to this project, or in collaborating in future work.

Contacts for the LDSE project:
Diana Laurillard, PI,
Liz Masterman, Co-PI,
Patricia Charlton, RF,
Dejan Ljubojevic, RF,
Brock Craft, RF,

Pedagogical Pattern Collector (PPC) review at ASLD2011

Pedagogical Pattern Collector (PPC) review (2) at ASLD201