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ScenEdit authoring environment is a graphical web-based  dedicated to the design of learning scenarios based on the ISiS model.  ScenEdit allows teacher-designers to structure the design of scenarios by eliciting intentions, strategies and interactions included in the ISIS framework. ScenEdit aims to favour sharing and reusing practices by providing patterns for each type of component (intention, strategy and interactional situation).
With ScenEdit users can obtain a visual description of the scenario including the locations where the activities occur and the tools and resources to be used by the participants as part of the situational context. This visual representation can be exported as an xml or a pdf file to be shared with other practitioners. ScenEdit offers some patterns of different levels (intentions, strategies, interactional situations) elaborated from best-practices found in the literature or within communities of practice. 

Links to extended descriptions:

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Valérie Emin,
Jean-Philippe Pernin,