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the Learning Designer

The LDSE ( Learning Designer
 is a community knowledge building tool that supports teachers in creating, modifying, finding, sharing and re-using learning designs (such as 'lesson plans'). The software environment can automatically interpret users' actions, because their design activities use formal learning concepts, such as Bloom's taxonomy of learning outcomes, and types of learning, i.e. through discussion, inquiry, practice, etc. This is underpinned by semantic technologies, which enable users to create computational artefacts whose properties are interpretable by the software. This means the tool is able to provide visual analytics, in the form of pie-charts, which represent the character of the designed learning experience. The designs and resources are further supported by intelligent recommendations using the community knowledge. The finished design can then be output to a document template, or uploaded to a common file for colleagues to import and adapt to their own teaching context.
Yishay Mor,
Nov 20, 2011, 3:08 PM