This workshop builds on the work of the Learning Design Grid (LDG) theme team of the STELLAR network of excellence. The LDG community includes leading European and international researchers in Learning design, such as Professor Gráinne Conole (Leicester, UK), Professors Diana Laurillard (LKL, UK), Dr. Susan McKenney (Twente, Netherlands), Dr. Yannis Dimitriadis (Valladolid, Spain), Professor Symeon Retalis (Piraeus, Greece), Dr. Davinia Hernández-Leo (Pompeu Fabra, Spain), Dr. Michael Derntl (Aachen, Germany), Professor Peter Goodyear (Sydney, Australia), Professor Tom Reeves (Georgia, US), Professor Yael Kali (Haifa, Israel). Over the last year, the LDG theme team has compiled an extensive collection of tools, representations and methodologies in Learning Design, and has conducted several highly successful workshops. The ASLD 2011 Workshop organised by the LDG theme team in October, 2011 drew over 40 international participants and led to a supplement of the RLT journal and an edited book proposal.

Separately but concurrently, Next-Tell, a major FP7 research project, has been exploring the theoretical and practical challenges of building a technical infrastructure to support both Learning Design and Teacher-led inquiry. The project consists of a consortium of 12 industry and academic partners and is being lead by distinguished researchers in Education including Professor Peter Reiman (MTO Psychological Research and Consulting GmbH), Professor Barbara Wasson (University of Bergen, Norway), Susan Bull (University of Birmingham, UK), Professor Rose Luckin (Institute of Education, UK). The Next-Tell project has conducted a number of highly successful workshops at leading international conferences in Education.