The general structure of the workshop will consist of presentations in two strands, followed by integrative working groups which will produce work-in-progress documents online, draft papers, and research proposals. At the end of these activities, there will be plenary presentations of the outputs, and concluding discussions. 


Prior to the workshop, participants will submit a position paper addressing one of the key topics of the workshop. The position papers will be uploaded to a shared repository (see Dissemination section) and participants will be asked to review their peers’ contributions and identify possible links. These potential links will also be posted for review and discussion and will inform the workshop activities. 

Part 1: Presentation (Half-day)

We will open with a plenary, and then participants will be divided into groups dedicated to the themes of context, practice and change. In each group, the selected papers or demos will be presented and discussed. Strand participants will collaboratively construct an integrative map connecting the various contributions (materials and resources for constructing this will be provided by the workshop organisers), followed by plenary discussions. This will be followed by a second group session, cutting across strands - participants will form different groups and map relationships among topical strands. 

Part 2: Integration (Half-day)

Based on the outputs from the first day, participants will identify links between the individual contributions, and present integrative claims emerging from their synthesis. These claims will be discussed in a plenary, and then grouped for further elaboration. 

Part 3: Production (full day)

Participants will work in small groups to draft papers for a special journal issue and proposals for research projects, based on the integrative arguments and the initial contributions. The proposals will be grounded in and structured by current funding initiatives. 

Part 4: Convergence (Half-day)

Participants will reconvene to a plenary session, where they will present the outputs of their work for discussion.